Thursday, October 13, 2011

Natural Resources

Our next Science Unit was on Natural Resources.  We learned about rocks, soil, water, and air.

Rocks were one of our favorites.
We sorted rocks by their different characteristics.
Some of us sorted by size, some by color, some by texture.
We learned that these rocks are called "river rocks." 
They were dusty and got our hands dirty.
But we didn't mind. :)
Next we went out and searched for a pet rock.
It was tough to find the perfect pet.
Take a look at these rocks!
They'll make great pets.

Here are a few of our pet rocks.
Zack's rock is named Jono and he likes to watch TV.

Grace's rock is named Cristl and she likes to play.

Isaac's rock is named Max and he likes to rock and roll.

Layla's rock is named Robin and she likes to talk.

Here are all our rocks hanging out on Mrs. Glass' desk!

Next up was soil.  We observed three different types of soil.
We looked at topsoil, clay soil, and sandy soil.

We did an experiment to see which of the 3 soils held the most water.
Clay soil definitely holds the most water!  Next was sandy soil and then topsoil.

We mixed the 3 soils together and then used them to make sand drawings!

To end our unit on rocks and soil, we made a tasty treat.
We used chocolate pudding for the clay soil and crushed oreos for the topsoil.
And then we added gummy worms to enrich our soil.
Once it was all made up,
we dug in!
Dirt sure is tasty. :)
Even the worms tasted great.


  1. I am about to start a landforms unit with my class. Love all the cute ideas! What did you use to hold the soil in the cups? Also, where did you find the cute faces to put on their pet rocks?

  2. Where did you get the funny faces they are cute

  3. Hi, it is awesome. May I know how ypu planned to deliver the lesson about air and water?

  4. How did you conduct the soil experiment? Thank you!

  5. I would also like to know how you set up the soil experiment to see which one held the most water. :) What kind of paper did you have in each of the cups? Could you use a coffee filter?