Monday, December 6, 2010

Solid, Liquid, or Gas?

Last week we did a unit all about matter.  We learned
what solids, liquids, and gases were.

On Monday, we worked with Alka Seltzer.
We decided that Alka Seltzer tablets are solid.

The water is a liquid.

We predicted what would happen if we dropped the Alka Seltzer into the water.

Here's what we thought:
If we put the tablet in the water, then

Kaitlynn: it will sink.

Kate: it will break into little pieces.

Nyssa: it will make KoolAid

Ethan: the water might get a new taste.

Amy: it will shrink.

Catherine: it will float

Ashley: it will melt.

Vicente: it will lose its color.

Mia: it will sink.

Liam: it will absorb.

Dominick: some of the white stuff might float up.

Daniel: it will turn into little pieces.

Javon: it will crack.

Darrius: it will make bubbles.
We dropped it in on the count of 3!

We could feel the gas coming out of the cup!

Here's what we said while the gas was coming up:
It's like soda!
It's making noise!
It's absorbing!
It turns into salt!
Mine disappeared!
If it disappeared, it absorbed!
That was awesome.
Great, now it's soda.

On Tuesday, we made our own ice cream!
We put our ice cream mixture into a small baggie.  Then we put our small baggie into a big baggie full of ice and salt.  Then we shook away!
The liquid turned into a solid and then we could eat it! :)

On Wednesday, we put solid baking soda into liquid vinegar.  It made enough gas to blow up our balloon!

On Thursday, we had more ice cream!
First we described our ice was a solid.

Then we described our liquid Root Beer.
Then we poured them together and ate it all up!


  1. Thank you for the ideas for teaching solid, liquid and gas. I am going to have to incorporate them into my lessons. I know they will love it. Trying to get the parents to donate might be an issue, but we will see. Thanks again.

  2. How did you make Ice Cream? What are the ingredients?

  3. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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